River St.

Christopher Marlowe was a poet and playwright, a scholar, a spy, an atheist, a man who loved other men, a man who fully lived his life and his truth. And in these especially harrowing moments - when truth is under pressure and our freedoms are at stake - he’s someone we need to hear from, because in his own extremely dark moments, his voice stayed free.

River St. is a performative fiction event, a one-night meeting in a room above a dive bar, a chance to hang out with Marlowe in his element, and in his own words - and mine. I’ve been working on Marlowe-based projects since 2013 (FAUSTUS DETROIT, NIGHT SCHOOL, GLITTER KING, CHRISTOPHER WILD), and my fascination with his energy has only grown stronger: he’s totally sui generis, he’s enormous fun, and I can’t wait to premiere River St. this November.

River St poster