I work with a rotating ensemble of artists - dancers, actors, visual and installation artists, musicians and composers, object puppeteers, mask makers, scent creators, fire artists - to create immersive events: based on my own UNDER THE POPPY series, and novels including DRACULA, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and the Marlowe classics DOCTOR FAUSTUS and EDWARD II. I’ve directed and produced events celebrating Hieronymous Bosch’s 500th anniversary, a 30-minute version of Wagner’s “Ring Cycle,” and a robotic take on the Bauhaus. At StokerCon 2019 I’ll be presenting the immersive and unnerving “Art of Darkness,” with special guests and convention attendees.

With “Drunk On Words,” I brought Christopher Marlowe into bars in NYC, Detroit, and Chicago, a piece that’s grown into RIVER ST., a night in a riverside pub with Marlowe. More RIVER ST. events are coming soon.

Solo readings, collaborative multi-artist events, commissions and consultations on event creation—a story is always a performance. Contact me to book a reading, create an event, or consult on a project.