Hot metal in your ears

With a narration that’s very much a performance, Crossroad Press brings SKIN to audio. Definitely not an easy book to recreate in this format! But voice artist Suzanne Fortin pulls it off.

And to celebrate, I’ll be doing my own performative reading from SKIN at tonight’s ChiSeries event in Windsor. The girls are back in town . . . “Another photo, Bibi and Tess like the gods of disaster, posing before the rubble of the factory, Bibi as changeling, Tess austere behind . . . Chaos must be met with greater chaos.”

SKIN in audio via Crossroad Press, cover by Rick Lieder.

SKIN in audio via Crossroad Press, cover by Rick Lieder.

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DARK FACTORY comes to Patreon

DARK FACTORY is my newest novel.

And it’s a video project.

And it’s a dance party.

And it’s a whole new way for me to reach out and involve my readers, from the current stage of work-in-progress through every creative step along the way. DARK FACTORY is special, it’s big, and it’s something I’ve never tried before, and if you’re interested, have a look at my Patreon page, and come and dance with me . . .

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StokerCon and the art (and Art) of darkness

The shadowy ballroom, books swathed in silk, mirrors and masks, and a group who came eager to explore the darkness: together with that audience, I created “The Art of Darkness,” at StokerCon 2019, and it was amazing.

The convention was held in Grand Rapids MI, a hybrid city by the river, where a badass line-up of guests , a slew of panels and readings (so many! and many I had to miss due to my own commitments), another nighttime performance by Josh Malerman and friends, a film competition, an academic conference, and engaged and well-read attendees made the four-day weekend flow by. Take pictures! I told myself, but didn’t, because I was too busy having fun.

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Photo courtesy Ellen Datlow.

Photo courtesy Ellen Datlow.

Come to the river: the RIVER ST. premiere

In a room above a busy bar lives a young man in the deeps of a turbulent time, pursued by his government, in love and in trouble, and driven, always, by words: RIVER ST. is Christopher Marlowe’s life, in his words and in mine. Ben Willis’ acute and subtle interpretation used water as an instrument along with dulcimer, drum, and drowned bells. One patron said that she felt “The room had melted away and I was standing on the river’s edge.” Another called RIVER ST. “A sorely-needed message—I was so moved.” Another said “Thank you for the life raft.” And one said, simply, “It gave me dreams.”

Detroit was RIVER ST.’s maiden voyage, and I was thrilled at the audience response. Now I’m working to take this piece any and everywhere that Marlowe’s voice can reach—Chicago, NYC, Austin, San Francisco, Toronto, London (Shoreditch would be perfect). I’ll shortly be launching a support campaign to help make that happen in 2019 and beyond. Come to the river!

RIVER ST premiere

RIVER ST premiere